Time Saver Tip: Weekly Outfit Planning

Need help saving time in the morning during the week? This daily outfit planning tip will help keep you feeling your best, organized and prepared for the week ahead.

This is my best tip for the dreaded daily morning question: “What am I going to wear today?”…

Think of this as an equivalent to your weekend meal prep. This one tip is great for any day during the work week when you may have overslept (me almost every day) and running low on time to take a shower, put on makeup, dry your hair, eat breakfast, etc. Think of this time saver tip as one less “to-do” task before starting your work day…

I take 30-45 minutes on Sunday night’s to plan out what my outfits will be for Monday-Friday each week. I usually start laundry in the morning on Sundays, so after I’m done meal prepping my lunches/dinners for the week and running any errands on my to-do list, I then move on to putting together outfits after my laundry is done and I have fresh, clean clothes for the week.

After I plan out my daily outfits, I steam and/or iron and hang all the pieces together in my closet in the order I want to wear them for each specific day. Here is the hand steamer I have and recommend! Good steamers tend to be expensive, bulky and hard to store, but this is not the case for this specific one!

Affordable Wardrobe Rack: Click here

I have been “bulk styling and planning” my outfits for years. I mean, I started doing this in middle school. I’ve always loved styling and planning out exactly what each outfit will look like from head to toe including all the accessories from jewelry to what handbag matched best. This was never a chore or something I didn’t enjoy, but I think all in all, it’s the best time saver hack I do for myself that many people could benefit from, even if it could be considered a chore to others. Just like meal prepping is my least favorite chore, I turn on some fun music and maybe pour myself a glass of wine to make it more enjoyable. This will work for bulk outfit planning too, if you need the extra motivation!

In addition to feeling like I have my life together and more time in the mornings during the week, this also keeps me accountable to actually get out of bed, take a shower and look presentable for the day. It’s been a year since making the decision to work from home indefinitely and I still feel like I’m learning how to do it well most days. I truly believe if you look your best, you feel your best and you are much more productive and confident in your work and daily tasks.

Today isn’t too late to plan out the rest of your daily outfits for this week! Turn on a little music and get yourself an alcoholic beverage and help yourself look and feel your best this week! If you try this tip, let me know how you like it and if it saves you time. Message and follow me on Instagram for more tips and outfit inspiration! Click here: @shannon.n.jones


Spring Shoes Round Up

Despite the fact that I’m writing this post on a sunny balcony, my shoe selection (and my sanity) can’t keep up with this cold-to-warm-to-cold-again weather that changes every. single. day. Since I can remember, this has always been the hardest time of year when it comes to deciding what pair of shoes is appropriate for my outfits. A typical spring day in Denver consists of chilly mornings with bright and sunny afternoons, which makes getting dressed a pretty difficult task.

After asking my Instagram followers if spring shoe selection was a common problem, I decided to put together a list of my favorite spring shoes to help y’all. Some listed below I do actually own, while others I probably will in the near future. 😉 You’ll notice that I kept it very simple when it comes to colors and patterns. You’ll see a lot of black and nude shades – this is because they’re versatile and easy to style. So here you go, spring shoes for those “what the heck am I going to wear” mornings…

Peep Toe Booties:


Vince Camuto Peep Toe Booties: My favorite of all time, for real.

Tom’s Booties: Very similar as above, just a little more casual.

Cole Haan Cognac Booties: Simple, yet timeless.

Cole Haan Booties in Black: Same as above!

Peep toe Mules with a heel in SO many colors! Shoot, I need these.


Steve Madden Snake Skin Mules: My favorite shoes I own. Til death do us part, I’m serious. I wear them all year long.

Steve Madden Black and Tan leather Mules: Closet staples. I wear these to work constantly and they’re so cute paired with casual pieces for the weekend!

Target’s A New Day Cognac & Black Mules: S’cute and also budget friendly!

Mules with a heel: I just love a good heel.


Leopard print loafers: Always my go-to for pattern mixing!

Plaid loafers: For the office. AND on sale!

Snake Skin loafers: I can’t get enough. Spring, summer, fall & winter – all the seasons are covered with these beauties. 44% off right now – woo!

Sneakers – Casual and Work Appropriate:


THESE WHITE SNEAKERS: I’ve been wearing them non-stop! I’m currently writing this post in them. 🙂 They’re comfy and the price makes me happy.

Topshop white sneakers: I’m diggin’ these, too. Also available in a fun print!

Steve Madden Platform Slip On Sneakers: Casual for the weekend and comes in 3 colors!

Tall Boots


Lucchese “Donna” Boots: My most recent splurge and I still don’t regret it in the slightest.


FullSizeRender (12)

My Opinion on SheIn

You may have seen shein.com pop up on your Instagram or Facebook feed in an advertisement and wondered about the brand. Their clothing is CUTE and their Facebook advertising always catches my eye. I did some research on the company about a year ago and learned the clothing was being produced in China, like most fast fashion brands, and it worried me some because of the shipping time and quality. They were having a huge sale on intimates that day and thought I’d give it a try. I received the order about a week later and of course loved everything. I also learned they have a large team of designers and partnerships with manufacturing companies to deliver the best quality product for the best price. Read more about their mission and production here. They even show photos of their 10,000 square foot very clean and organized warehouse!

Once again, their social media advertising got the best of me and I put in a big order last month to post about on my Instagram for y’all. After a couple posts about SheIn (some say she-in and others say sheen. She-in is correct.), I started receiving messages about the quality, sizing, shipping time, etc. and thought I’d put together a few of my thoughts for y’all.

unnamed (21)Click to shop: Sweater // Jeans // Booties // Handbag 

The price is right:

Most items on their website are under $30, which we can all agree might actually be the best thing ever. Here’s the thing I love – they know they’re a fast fashion brand and they aren’t marking up their clothing acting like they’re quality is worth a large price tag. I appreciate that, because in all reality, the pieces will be ready for donation after a season or two.

Read the reviews:

This is my biggest advice for placing an order! They have TONS of reviews from other shoppers on all their items and this makes shopping on the website SO. MUCH. EASIER. Many reviews have photos so you can see what the clothing actually looks like in real life. I haven’t had to return much and it’s definitely because of the informative reviews.

unnamed (19)Click to shop: Sweater // Jeans // Loafers // Leather Jacket // Handbag

Don’t be afraid of the shipping time/return policy:

I have placed three orders with SheIn and I am very impressed by the shipping time! The first one took about a week and a half (probably because they had more orders than usual from the sale) and my last shipment took less than a week! I did more research on where exactly the clothing was shipping from, in addition to China, and learned they have multiple warehouses all over the world. They have warehouses in California, New Jersey, Dubai and Belgium. Your items will be shipped from the nearest facility that stocks the item you ordered. This also means your clothing can arrive in multiple orders, like Amazon, which always annoys me, but it makes sense.

SheIn offers free shipping on orders over $49, but they have sales that include free shipping quite often. And it’s pretty easy to spend over $50 on their website…I mean come on!

The brand also offers free returns from the US – woohoo! I often order two different sizes of one design because I’m not sure which sizing option will work best. This return policy makes me a very happy shopper.

unnamed (22)Click to Shop: Tweed Vest //Sweater// Jeans // Booties

Expect fast fashion quality: 

Here’s how I explain their quality – in between H&M and Forever 21. It’s not quite what you can expect from H&M, but it’s definitely better than pieces you find at Forever 21. And most pieces are more affordable than Forever 21’s pricing. Thanks for not breaking our bank, SheIn!

I hope this information helps and as always, if you have any questions, feel free to reach out to me on Instagram here: www.instagram.com/shannon.n.jones or at shannonnjones26@gmail.com.

unnamed (23).jpgClick here to shop: Sweater // Skirt // Necklace // Hat // Handbag


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Essentials for the Fall Wardrobe

Stores have changed over to fall garments and all the summer merchandise is on the sale racks in the back of the stores. It’s now officially that time of year again and I’ve been so ready for it! There’s just something about fall clothing that makes my heart happy. The oversized sweaters, the cozy cardigans, the leather jackets, the boots and booties – I’ll never grow tired of it all and by September of every year, I’m ready for the wardrobe switch.

Now that the stores have officially flipped, I thought it would be beneficial to share my top 5 fall essentials for your wardrobe. Here we go…

Essential #1: Black leather jacket & Suede jacket

(I realize this is technically two essentials, but we’ll just go with it.)

These two jackets are my closet staples for the fall and winter months. Here is my favorite black leather jacket that I wear constantly and this suede beauty that is definitely my number one favorite garment in my wardrobe. Don’t be surprised if these two jackets last you for years – the quality is top notch. They’re both worth the dollars, I promise!

Essential #2: Cardigans of multiple neutral colors (black, beige, grey)

This cardigan from Old Navy is a great staple that is available in multiple colors. Cardigans for me are the perfect layering piece and are a great way to complete an outfit and feel comfortable all day.

Essential #3: Dark jeans that fit just right

My all time faves: J.Crew 9 high-rise toothpick jeans. This denim has “perfecting pockets” and I think this feature is genius. The pockets are very slim and are designed to suck everything in around your lower belly area. Think how Spanx make you feel and that’s the same feeling you’ll get with these. Also, the color is the perfect shade for all year round. To read more about why I love these jeans, read this post.

Essential #4: Winter white sweater

Everyone needs a basic, off-white sweater as a go-to for an easy outfit. On days when you don’t have enough energy to think about putting together an outfit, this sweater in the fall paired with the J.Crew 9 high-rise toothpick jeans and booties is the answer. Add your favorite necklace or scarf to top it off and you have an easy, effortless look.

Dolman sleeves were a huge trend last year which looks to be continued into this fall, as well. This was my favorite dolman sleeve sweater last year and it’s definitely going to be making an appearance again real soon!

Essential #5: Cognac colored booties

Say yes to cognac – I wear this color with EVERYTHING, even black! If you’re shopping on a budget and can’t decide which color to choose, I say cognac or anything close to it. This style changes slightly every year – I have 3 different colored pairs from 3 years ago and they are still going strong! Highly recommend!

Happy Shopping!


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Spring Trend Alert: Lightweight Blazers

My favorite trend this spring: lightweight blazers. I fell in love with the over-sized style of blazer in the fall and my love has continued on into the spring. Are we surprised? NAH. I put together a couple blazers I found recently for this post that I just can’t get enough of. What’s huge right now? Blazers with matching shorts. Walk into any store and you’ll find two piece sets to be worn together or as separates. SO CUTE. After my next bonus hits my bank account, you bet two piece sets are next on my list.

How to style spring blazers:

For the office…

  1. A great pair of “paper bag” pants (my other obsession)
  2. A patterned blouse to give your outfit some character
  3. A pair of comfortable work heels to get you through the day
  4. And dun, dun, dun duuuuun…the over-sized blazer

img_1558Blazer, Blouse & Pants: H&M // Heels: Target, A New Day // Handbag: Dooney & Bourke

For date night…

  1. A simple, basic blouse
  2. A pair of shorts you feel great in
  3. Sassy wedges that make your legs look HOT
  4. Bold earrings to complete the look
  5. And of course, a striped, adorable linen jacket

img_1668Blouse, Blazer: & Wedges: Target, A New Day // Shorts: Ralph Lauren // Handbag: Old Navy

For your casual Friday…

  1. A simple, basic blouse you can wear over and over again
  2. Distressed jeans that make you feel like a TEN
  3. A pop of color for earrings
  4. Wedges that give you a shoe crush
  5. A cross body bag that matches the…
  6. BLAZER.

img_1687Blouse, Blazer, Wedges & Handbag: Target, A New Day // Denim: H&M

To shop all the outfit pieces in my photos, click here!

Happy shopping,

FullSizeRender (12)

For the Love of Old Navy

Sometimes Old Navy can be a hit or miss retailer for me. I can walk in, make a lap and leave OR walk to my car with bags filled with new clothing pieces. Anyone else feel that way?! Recently, I had one of those moments when I walked to my car with hands full thinking, “Gosh, I just love that place.”

img_1749Dress: Old Navy // Wedges: DSW // Jean Jacket: Old Navy

My last trip, I left the store spending way too much money and time, but it’s okay, because it made up for the times I left empty handed….right? 😉

I was pretty impressed by the quality of these picks in this post! The fabric doesn’t feel inexpensive and 2 of the 3 are even lined! I can definitely count on these pieces to last more than just one season.

img_1756Dress: Old Navy // Shoes: A New Day, Target // Handbag: Dooney & Bourke // Neck Scarf: A New Day, Target // Earrings: Target

This is why I’m giving away a $30 giftcard this month to one lucky winner! I want y’all to have that same feeling I felt and leave with good quality pieces to add to your spring and summer wardrobe.

Here’s how to enter!

  1. Follow me on Instagram: shannon.n.jones – click here
  2. “Like” my giveaway photo on my feed. *hint: it’s the picture below!*
  3. Tag friends in the comments of my post. 1 comment = 1 entry. Unlimited entries allowed!
  4. Contest will end this Friday the 26th!

img_1581-1Dress: Old Navy // Handbag: A New Day, Target // Wedges: DSW // Sunnies: Rayban // Earrings: A New Day, Target

Good luck, friends!


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My Love/Hate Relationship with Fast Fashion

The news is out: I have a love/hate relationship with fast fashion stores. Y’all know by now that I love good quality clothing – pieces that will last many washes and won’t wear easily. Sometimes I break my own rules and spend a good amount of money in H&M, Forever 21, Zara and Shein.com, but hey, this girl ain’t made of money!

What’s fast fashion you ask? I always describe it as extremely inexpensive clothing which is made in minutes. The garments are most likely made in China and the quality of the fabric, buttons, zippers, etc are cheap. I opened up one of my textbooks from college to get a legit definition for y’all (anyone else keep their books from their favorite classes?) and this is what I found:

Fast Fashion – inexpensive clothing produced rapidly by mass-market retailers in response to the latest trends.

With that being said, below is what I love and hate about these specific retailers…


What I Love:

  1. If I’m in a rush to find something new for an event, I can go to Forever 21 or Zara and find an outfit that looks expensive and on trend for a fraction of the price at other stores.
  2. Their clothing is so trendy that a year from now it’ll be out of style, and that’s okay because it was less than $50. Probably even less than $25, depending on the garment. 😂
  3. There is SO much to choose from! The stores are massive and it’s easy to get lost in the amount of product…in a good way.
  4. I’m the kind of shopper who does not want the help from a worker. I know that sounds harsh, but let me just shop with no distractions. If I need you, I’ll ask for the help. Most employees at fast fashion retailers won’t ask to start you a fitting room or if you need help finding anything. It’s the BEST for people like me!


What I Hate:

  1. The same size always fits differently. You can’t shop online at fast fashion stores because you never truly know what size you’ll need.
  2. You take in a dozen pieces to try on and only 2 work for various reasons: the clothing fits funky, you noticed a hole in the fabric, the lighting in the fitting room was just absolute garbage, etc.
  3. The jewelry is final sale. So, if it breaks in a week or you decide to return it – tough luck sister! (But then again, Forever 21’s earrings are only 6 bucks.)
  4. These retailers are truly hit or miss. There are days you will leave with a bag full of new clothes, while other days you can’t seem to find ANYTHING that works.
  5. Sales don’t really happen at fast fashion stores. But who cares – spend the $14 on a blouse that’ll last a season!


My best advice when shopping at fast fashion stores:

  1. Try everything on! Even if you think it’ll fit.
  2. Check all the buttons, zippers, seams and fabric to make sure nothing is broken/ripped/has a hole. They make those pieces SO incredibly fast!
  3. Don’t expect anything to last more than a couple washings and don’t be mad when your pieces shrink even though you followed the directions on the inside tag.
  4. Donate the pieces in your closet that are worn out! They’ve had their run, now it’s time to go.

Have your own opinions on fast fashion retailers? I’d love to hear! Tell me about it in the comments section and let’s chat!

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Five Ways to Style a Boyfriend Blazer

One of my favorite pieces in my closet right now is my over-sized boyfriend blazer. You can find this style in all stores at the moment, but mine specifically is from H&M. This is a piece you can transition into all seasons and from work to weekend wear. Take a look below to see five ways I styled this blazer.

Loved how this blazer was styled? Enter my giveaway below! This month I’m giving away a free virtual closet consultation (read more about my services here) to one lucky Instagram follower!

What’s a Closet Consultation?

  • Virtual Closet Consultation: Book me for a two-hour session. You will come prepared with up to 15 pieces in your closet that you need help styling. We will also assess your closet and discuss what items your closet may be missing and where to find these pieces. We will conduct our session on FaceTime, Google Duo or Skype.

This giveaway is perfect for you if:

  • You don’t have a sense of style and you need my help!
  • You have quality clothing you like, but struggle to put together outfits.
  • You have great style, but need a fresh eye to create new outfits.
  • You just want to pick my brain on what stores I shop at, how I choose my clothing, how I organize my closet, etc.

Here’s how to enter:

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How to Tie & Style a Scarf

Blanket scarves have been a huge trend over the past couple fall & winter seasons with so many styles and colors to choose from. I have a few that I’ll throw on to complete a look or for my 5 block walk to work in snowy Denver weather. With this being such a popular trend, I thought I’d put together a “how to tie” tutorial.

If you feel blanket scarves are just too much fabric, cut the scarf diagonally from corner to corner, and then gift the other half! This will help eliminate some of the fabric, but still be enough to keep you warm.

You can find blanket scarves in most stores, but I have found the same scarves on Amazon for $15 or cheaper! Click here to shop!

I use scarves to complete a basic look, or in other words, use this accessory as that “missing piece” the outfit needs to finish it off. For example, I could be wearing jeans and a simple long sleeve, solid color knit top, so to complete this outfit, I would look for an accessory. In the fall in winter, it’s usually a scarf. I recommend pairing a patterned scarf that matches the top. Adding a pattern to a basic solid top will complete the look.

Other styling ideas:

  1. Without tying the scarf, place it around your neck and pair it with a turtle neck sweater. Wear this to work with a pencil skirt and then pair it with jeans and booties at night.
  2. Pair the scarf with a vest or leather jacket. Don’t be afraid to mix patterns here! A plaid scarf can match a striped long sleeve basic top, which can be worn underneath the vest or jacket.
  3. Dress it up and wear a scarf with a blazer, dark denim and heels for date night.

I’m loving the bandana scarves right now, too. This seems to be a trend from the 70’s that is making a come back.  I recommend pairing these with a long sleeve crew neck sweater with slacks or skirt for work and with denim for a more casual look. You can also transition this style of scarf into the spring and pair them with a chambray button down top with white denim or shorts.

The options are truly endless! I hope this helps and as always, let me know if you have questions. Thanks for reading (and watching), friends!


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Taking Care of Your Clothing, One Wash and Dry at a Time

So, how many of you try to do the least amount of laundry loads as possible? How many of you mix your dark and white garments together? How many of you add a ton of laundry detergent? How many of you dry every single clothing item you own in the dryer, even delicate pieces? If you said yes to any of the questions above, you’re ruining your clothing! This is Washing & Drying 101 and some of my tricks to make sure your clothing lasts.

A huge part of keeping your clothing to last for multiple seasons is by how you wash and dry your pieces. Of course, the quality of the clothing has a lot to do with this, as well, but you can really help keep your pieces looking like they’re fresh out of the store after multiple washes – especially pieces from those fast fashion stores like Forever 21, H&M,  ZARA and Shein.

Fun Fact: The highest quality of cotton comes from Egypt.

Let’s start with mixing your darks and whites together. Have you ever noticed how your white sweater no longer looks white after you wash it with your dark skinny jeans? Did you notice it actually has a gray/blue tint to it now and looks a little dull? This is because the dark ink in your denim bled onto your perfectly white sweater while it was tossing around in your washing machine for 45 minutes. My recommendation: just do two separate loads of whites and darks! Yes, this does take longer, but wouldn’t you want your white sweater to still be white after one wearing?

Be careful not to use too much detergent. Too much can damage the fabric fibers in your clothing resulting in discolored fabrics. Besides ruining the fabric fibers, too much detergent can also ruin your washing machine causing it to grow bacteria or even flood your house with bubbles!

Fun Fact: Did you know polyester could have potentially started out as plastic?

The majority of my clothing doesn’t make it into the dryer unless it’s an old Zeta t-shirt from college, pajama pants or underwear. I have a drying rack my mom bought me years ago that I use Every. Single. Sunday. Be careful – many fabrics will shrink in the dryer, and some fabrics just simply do not belong in the dryer at all. To be safe, go get yourself a $10 drying rack from Target and hang your garments to dry like they did in the olden days. Lay sweaters flat to dry and folded in your closet so they keep their shape. The drying rack will save you a bunch of money in the long run by not shrinking your clothes. Thanks, Mom! 🙂

Always follow what the tag on the inside of the garment says. If it reads ‘Dry Clean Only’ – NEVER put it in the washing machine. In college, I accidentally added one of my silk dry clean only tops in the washing machine – detergent and all – and the fabric came out all kinds of ruined. It was stiff and shrunk in strange places. There went that $150 blouse!

Fun Fact: Silk comes from an insect called a silkworm which grows large enough to spin silk.

Do you have washing and drying questions about a certain fabric? Let me help you! Shoot me a message on Instagram (shannon.n.jones), comment below or email me at shanjones25@yahoo.com.


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Outfit Details: