19 Random Facts About Me

It’s officially been two years since I decided to follow a passion of mine and start this style blog and Instagram account. From a young age, I knew I wanted a career in the fashion industry and made steps to pursue that dream by earning my degree in Apparel Design and Merchandising. Three years after I graduated, my life went a different direction and I pursued another passion of mine, which is now my full-time job (read more about this below!). I truly love my job, but missed the industry that has always been my first love. My vision behind my blog and Instagram account is to provide you with daily style inspiration and tips along with education and awareness about the industry, fabrics, colors, pattern mixing, store sale alerts and much, much more. There are a lot of moving parts in this industry and it’s one I hope to teach others about through my writing and posts on social media platforms.

Because we have some new faces around here two years later, I put together 19 random fun facts about me so you actually know the woman in front of the camera.

  1. I am originally from Spring, TX – born and raised. I lived in Colorado, and Arkansas for college, but I will always be a Texas girl! 
  2. My brothers named me after watching the gymnast, Shannon Miller, perform in the Olympics a few months before I was born. My middle name, Nicole, came from my mother’s nickname in her high school French class. I am currently still the only female Jones in my immediate family.
  3. I am one of five children from the same incredible parents. I have four older brothers and they are the best people! The boys are all about 2 years apart and Number 4 and I are 4.5 years apart. All those boys didn’t spill the beans about Santa Claus, the Easter Bunny or even the Tooth Fairy. I think I believed in Santa until I was in 6th grade – haha. The best kind of childhood.
  4. I am an aunt to 7 sweet nephews!
  5. I went to University of Arkansas where I earned my degree in Apparel Merchandising and Product Development – some of the best years of my life (doesn’t everyone say that about college though?). I chose Arkansas because at the time I didn’t know whether I wanted to go the design route or the retail route. My major was both of these avenues in one degree, unlike the other Universities I was interested in. My major was small at the time, but has continued to grow and become well-known around the country. If I could go back to college just to take the courses in my major, I would 100% do it. I miss those days!
  6. I am a Zeta Tau Alpha sorority member and held positions in my chapter throughout my four years.
  7. I was Editor-in-Chief of the Greek newspaper on campus my senior year of college. I managed a small team of writers and still keep in touch with a few these days. One of them is actually the reason I work at my current job – shout out to you, Noah Mercer! 🙂
  8. I work for a company called EF Education First. I am a consultant for about 80 teachers in the Dallas/Fort Worth area and work to send them and their students on educational tours around the world! I get to do some traveling myself while changing the lives of students. It’s a win win.
  9. Travel is my second passion behind the fashion industry. Within the past 3 and a half years, EF has sent me to 15 countries and this has completely changed my outlook on life and other cultures.
  10. I worked in the fashion industry for 2 years after college as a boutique Store Manager/Visual Merchandiser and Social Media and Marketing Director for stores in Dallas/Fort Worth.
  11. I was named ‘Best Dressed’ my senior year of high school – haha! I used to show up to high school in heels, and that makes me cringe a little now.
  12. Fashion & style – It’s always been a part of me. I’ve dreamed about having my own clothing line since I was a little girl. This is still one of my lifelong goals along with owning my personal styling business.
  13. My favorite fast food is Chick-Fil-A, but I can definitely put down some Whataburger. I am a full believer that Whataburger is better than In-and-Out. Hands down (half of you are rolling your eyes right now – I can just feel it!). If my father and brothers taught me anything, it was to eat and I love them for that.
  14. Also sushi. I love fish and try to eat as many meatless meals as I can. This is when my body feels the best. It’s hard for me to cut out fish though, so. damn. good. and healthy!
  15. I have a sweet puppy: Shay (6 years old! Not really a puppy anymore). Shay is a Golden Retriever who is a sassy little girl. She’s pretty conservative with her face kisses, only does it when she really feels like it. She’s the queen of the house, if you can’t tell already. There’s a whole highlight of her on my Instagram account I highly recommend diving into. Click here to see the good girl in action.
  16. My favorite shows: Anything scary, murder mystery shows, ‘You’ on Netflix, The Voice, Dancing With the Stars, Say Yes to the Dress (basic I know, but I can binge that show like no other!).
  17. I am a Virgo. Type A, all the way.
  18. My favorite season: fall. Specifically fall in Fayetteville, AR where my alma mater is located. I’ve never seen trees all those shades of beautiful!
  19. I am so happy you’re here. And that’s a fact! Thank you for being here and allowing me to live out my dream. You are a part of the beginning plans and helping my goals and dreams become a reality by being here. You allow me to do what I love, share my creativity with the world and motivate me to be better. So, thank you for being here and finding a reason to stay. It truly means the world to me.


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Author: Shannon N. Jones

I'm so happy you're here! This is a creative space for me to share my passion for personal styling and the fashion industry. With a degree in Apparel Merchandising and Product Development, my primary goal is to help you feel confident with your outfit choices, while also advising you how to dress for any occasion. Please contact me for personal styling services and pricing. Cheers, SNJ

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