Essentials for the Fall Wardrobe

Stores have changed over to fall garments and all the summer merchandise is on the sale racks in the back of the stores. It’s now officially that time of year again and I’ve been so ready for it! There’s just something about fall clothing that makes my heart happy. The oversized sweaters, the cozy cardigans, the leather jackets, the boots and booties – I’ll never grow tired of it all and by September of every year, I’m ready for the wardrobe switch.

Now that the stores have officially flipped, I thought it would be beneficial to share my top 5 fall essentials for your wardrobe. Here we go…

Essential #1: Black leather jacket & Suede jacket

(I realize this is technically two essentials, but we’ll just go with it.)

These two jackets are my closet staples for the fall and winter months. Here is my favorite black leather jacket that I wear constantly and this suede beauty that is definitely my number one favorite garment in my wardrobe. Don’t be surprised if these two jackets last you for years – the quality is top notch. They’re both worth the dollars, I promise!

Essential #2: Cardigans of multiple neutral colors (black, beige, grey)

This cardigan from Old Navy is a great staple that is available in multiple colors. Cardigans for me are the perfect layering piece and are a great way to complete an outfit and feel comfortable all day.

Essential #3: Dark jeans that fit just right

My all time faves: J.Crew 9 high-rise toothpick jeans. This denim has “perfecting pockets” and I think this feature is genius. The pockets are very slim and are designed to suck everything in around your lower belly area. Think how Spanx make you feel and that’s the same feeling you’ll get with these. Also, the color is the perfect shade for all year round. To read more about why I love these jeans, read this post.

Essential #4: Winter white sweater

Everyone needs a basic, off-white sweater as a go-to for an easy outfit. On days when you don’t have enough energy to think about putting together an outfit, this sweater in the fall paired with the J.Crew 9 high-rise toothpick jeans and booties is the answer. Add your favorite necklace or scarf to top it off and you have an easy, effortless look.

Dolman sleeves were a huge trend last year which looks to be continued into this fall, as well. This was my favorite dolman sleeve sweater last year and it’s definitely going to be making an appearance again real soon!

Essential #5: Cognac colored booties

Say yes to cognac – I wear this color with EVERYTHING, even black! If you’re shopping on a budget and can’t decide which color to choose, I say cognac or anything close to it. This style changes slightly every year – I have 3 different colored pairs from 3 years ago and they are still going strong! Highly recommend!

Happy Shopping!


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Author: Shannon N. Jones

I'm so happy you're here! This is a creative space for me to share my passion for personal styling and the fashion industry. With a degree in Apparel Merchandising and Product Development, my primary goal is to help you feel confident with your outfit choices, while also advising you how to dress for any occasion. Please contact me for personal styling services and pricing. Cheers, SNJ

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