Under $30 Amazon Dress Roundup

I did some Amazon shopping recently and found a few great dresses (and one jumpsuit!) for the summer so I thought I’d share. I personally am not a huge online shopper, so I was a little skeptical to order clothing off Amazon. I’m pretty particular about how fabrics feel and how garments fit, so shopping in a store is always what I prefer.

I was pleasantly surprised by what I found! Everything fit me really well and with a little steaming, the fabrics aren’t too bad! With that being said, I plan to keep everything I purchased. Every piece reminded me of clothing I would see in these modern day, more affordable boutiques nowadays, but without the markup. Everything I purchased is under $30 and very reasonably priced for what you’re getting.

Something to keep in mind about Amazon finds – more likely than not, it isn’t going to be the best quality. My apparel design mind goes back and forth about this topic and sometimes I have a hard time wearing fast fashion clothing because of the quality, of course, but also because of the life threatening conditions it’s made in. Although, this is a topic for another day if y’all are curious about my thoughts around this aspect of the industry.

Great quality clothing makes me so happy, it’s as simple as that. I love to examine the work that was put into the garment and I appreciate the time it took to create the piece. But not every piece in my closet is that great quality everyone wants most because $$$$$. You truly get what you pay for and I think that is so important to remember with every clothing purchase. Because I’m not made of money and I understand these pieces won’t last but a couple washes, I’m happy with what I found and thought I’d share them with y’all, as well.

First up, this short sleeve v-neck, double side slit, maxi dress. The fabric is soft and stretchy. It’s a versatile piece you can dress up or down depending on your plans. Because it’s over-sized, I recommend sizing down one size. I have it tied at the bottom here, but I will style it without the tie for a different look, as well. Available in multiple colors and prints! // Click here to shop.

unnamed (11)

Second, this spaghetti strap, draw string waist midi dress. The fabric is lightweight polyester and I love how it cinches at the waist, pulling in at the smallest part of our bodies. I think this is a great option to wear to a wedding with heels or even dressed down with sandals & a summer hat to brunch. This dress is true to size. Keep this in mind, the fabric is not stretchy. // Click here to shop.

unnamed (15)

Next, this loose fitting, v-neck ruffle mini dress. I plan to wear this to the office – it’s not too short and has a conservative v-neck. This is another great wedding attire option, but can also be dressed down with sandals for a more casual look. It also comes in multiple colors and a sleeveless option, as well! This dress is true to size. Keep this in mind, the fabric is not stretchy. // Click here to shop.

unnamed (13)

Up next, this shoulder tie, asymmetrical hem jumpsuit. This is just too cute and fits me like a glove! It is true to size and comes in multiple different patterns and colors. The jumpsuit is perfect for a party, date night or wedding. Keep this in mind, the fabric is not stretchy. // Click here to shop.

unnamed (14).jpg

Here we have this v-neck, front & back slit midi dress. I love a good floral print, especially this one because you can transition it into the fall! It also comes in multiple prints and colors and fits true to size. Keep this in mind, the fabric is not stretchy. // Click here to shop.

unnamed (12)

And last but not least, my all time favorite! I’ve shared this a handful of times on my Instagram feed, but for good reason. This is a stretchy polyester fabric that is soft to the touch. It is available in multiple patterns and fits true to size. // Click here to shop.

unnamed (10)

Happy shopping!


FullSizeRender (12)

Author: Shannon N. Jones

I'm so happy you're here! This is a creative space for me to share my passion for personal styling and the fashion industry. With a degree in Apparel Merchandising and Product Development, my primary goal is to help you feel confident with your outfit choices, while also advising you how to dress for any occasion. Please contact me for personal styling services and pricing. Cheers, SNJ

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