25 Days, One Carry On & Personal Item

As I get ready for my big Europe trip, I thought I’d put together a resource about packing as I know this is a tough topic for most travelers. People either hate to pack, over-pack, under-pack…I mean, the list goes on and on about the struggles with getting prepared for a trip!

At the end of this week, I’ll be leaving for my educational student tour for work! For my full time job, I work with teachers in Dallas/Fort Worth, Texas to recruit their students for international educational tours. It’s a great gig, y’all! During this time, I will be traveling along side an EF Tours student group to learn what our travelers experience first-hand. This will be my third student tour with EF, and while all my tours have been unique and exciting in their own ways, I’m REALLY looking forward to this one because I’ll be in the Swiss Alps! I’m starting in Austria, heading to Germany and will end in Switzerland. After tour, I will be spending more time in Frankfurt, Berlin and Brussels with friends before heading back to Switzerland for EF’s Leadership Summit which I will help staff. It’ll be 25 days of new experiences and exhaustion, I’m sure!

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Because of all these different countries I’m traveling to, I’ll obviously be flying quite a bit, so the thought of checking a bag is daunting. I made the decision that a carry on will just simply have to do and of course I made sure before I wrote this post – haha! Here’s some of my best advice below when you’re packing for 25 days, or any trip at all!

The Clothing.

For trips, I find myself packing easy outfits that don’t require a lot of maintenance or styling. For this specific trip, I’d say 90% of my outfits are dresses. Dresses are the easiest items of clothing to simply just throw on and go.  Because I’m going to the Swiss Alps, I needed to pack slightly warmer. I packed my white jean jacket and a sweatshirt, just in case! I usually try to avoid bulkier clothing in general when I pack as it takes up too much room.

For shoes during the summer months, I pack my “go-to’s”. My Steven Madden strappy sandals that match with EVERYTHING (here is a dupe), my Puma tennis shoes, trendy slide on sneakers and heeled, strappy sandals for a night time, dressier look. I already know I’ll miss my shoe collection back home, but space is real limited!

Packing Cubes.

These are space and life savers! I take my clothing and fold the item in half, roll it as tight as possible and then stack the items neatly in the cubes until each are filled. Rolling the clothing will help with wrinkles, too!

unnamed (7)

For long stays, I divide my trip up into sections for however many cubes I have and hang the clothes up in the sections before folding, that way I’m only wearing certain clothes from certain cubes throughout the stay. This helps my luggage stay organized and I only have one cube opened at a time during my trip. This makes living out of a suitcase much easier!

unnamed (5)

Click here to shop my recommended packing cubes that range from $15-$20 – much cheaper than checking a bag! 😉 These I found are much cuter than mine, too! My packing cubes were given to me by my company, so I can’t pass up the free option. 🙂

The Luggage.

This has been my favorite set of luggage I’ve ever owned. My parents bought this set for me for Christmas 2 years ago and I’ve used it for every trip since. The carry on doesn’t look very big, but you know now how much can fit in there!

unnamed (4)

The top luggage piece fits under *most* airline seats and I count this as my one “personal item”. I usually stuff my handbag into this luggage piece so the agent doesn’t stop me at the gate for having over the luggage limit on board. I only bring this piece for long trips and use it specifically for my toiletries, shoes and hair tools. For shorter trips, my carry on is enough to fit it all.  Click here to shop my luggage – it’s currently 50% off!

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If you’d like to follow along with my travel adventures, follow me @shannon.n.jones on Instagram. I’ll be posting the whole trip!

Happy traveling!


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Author: Shannon N. Jones

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