How to Tie & Style a Scarf

Blanket scarves have been a huge trend over the past couple fall & winter seasons with so many styles and colors to choose from. I have a few that I’ll throw on to complete a look or for my 5 block walk to work in snowy Denver weather. With this being such a popular trend, I thought I’d put together a “how to tie” tutorial.

If you feel blanket scarves are just too much fabric, cut the scarf diagonally from corner to corner, and then gift the other half! This will help eliminate some of the fabric, but still be enough to keep you warm.

You can find blanket scarves in most stores, but I have found the same scarves on Amazon for $15 or cheaper! Click here to shop!

I use scarves to complete a basic look, or in other words, use this accessory as that “missing piece” the outfit needs to finish it off. For example, I could be wearing jeans and a simple long sleeve, solid color knit top, so to complete this outfit, I would look for an accessory. In the fall in winter, it’s usually a scarf. I recommend pairing a patterned scarf that matches the top. Adding a pattern to a basic solid top will complete the look.

Other styling ideas:

  1. Without tying the scarf, place it around your neck and pair it with a turtle neck sweater. Wear this to work with a pencil skirt and then pair it with jeans and booties at night.
  2. Pair the scarf with a vest or leather jacket. Don’t be afraid to mix patterns here! A plaid scarf can match a striped long sleeve basic top, which can be worn underneath the vest or jacket.
  3. Dress it up and wear a scarf with a blazer, dark denim and heels for date night.

I’m loving the bandana scarves right now, too. This seems to be a trend from the 70’s that is making a come back.  I recommend pairing these with a long sleeve crew neck sweater with slacks or skirt for work and with denim for a more casual look. You can also transition this style of scarf into the spring and pair them with a chambray button down top with white denim or shorts.

The options are truly endless! I hope this helps and as always, let me know if you have questions. Thanks for reading (and watching), friends!


FullSizeRender (12)

Outfit Details:

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Author: Shannon N. Jones

I'm so happy you're here! This is a creative space for me to share my passion for personal styling and the fashion industry. With a degree in Apparel Merchandising and Product Development, my primary goal is to help you feel confident with your outfit choices, while also advising you how to dress for any occasion. Please contact me for personal styling services and pricing. Cheers, SNJ

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